One of the key facets of any successful inbound marketing strategy is knowing who your target audience is. The objective in having a thorough understanding of who makes up your target audience is to master the knowledge of what information they seek, so you can provide the answer to their questions.

Your Target Audience is more complex than you think

To understand your audience is far more sophisticated than just concluding “My target audience are people…” who needs mortgages; who want to buy new car, or eat organic food. By virtue of what you do for a living it’s safe to say that you specialize in in a particular product or service, but your skill set is far more dynamic and the types of customers you help vary across the board.

Your target audience range from people who are first time buyers/users who need help making decisions about the product or service you’re offering that need to be walked through the process so they can be reassured they’re making the right decision. You also provide something of value for people who are more experienced or knowledgeable in your particular vertical. This part of your audience needs to be approached from a different angle with content that shows you share common knowledge with them and knowledge over and above what they do know to solidify your perception as expert in your field.

Time to Analyze what you have to offer

The range of clients you work with vary through a complex spectrum of scenarios. You need to assess all the products or services you offer and start to break down the type of people that would be interested in each of them in different situations. Once you analyze the different types clients and buying/usage scenarios you it should paint a clear picture of different types of customers that require specific content that caters to their needs. In knowing your target audience it means you need to comprehend who needs what information at what time in the process and when to provide the information they need that will bring them back to you.

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